San Francesco Basilica in Siena - Photo ©Gryffindor
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The Sacramental Bread in Siena

In the Basilica di San Francesco the recovery of The Sacramental Bread is commemorated, displayed to devoted believers throughout the year. On August 14 1730 robbers stole a silver pyx containing 351 pieces of consecrated bread from the tabernacle of the Basilica di San Francesco. Once the theft was discovered, the dismay was so great that even the Palio dell’Assunta (Palio of the Assumption) was suspended. The Sacramental bread was returned by divine providence after just three days (August 17) in an alms box in the Sanctuario di Santa Maria in Provenzano and carried back to San Francesco in a solemn procession. The Sacramental Bread, in spite of the passage of time, has remained whole and intact, defying all physical and biological law. Currently, from the 351 original pieces of the host 223 have been preserved, and have been used in chemical analyses for an evaluation of the edibility and taste. On the 17th day of every month the Sacramental Bread is displayed for the veneration of the Eucharistic Miracle by the faithful.


Piazza S. Francesco, 6, 53100 Siena SI, Italia
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Esposizione delle Sacre Particole il 17 di ogni mese.
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