Santa Caterina sanctuary in Siena - Photo ©LigaDue
Symbols, signs and relics
The Relics of Saint Catherine, Siena

A piece of Saint Catherine’s shoulder blade is preserved in an excavated urn in the wall to the left of the high altar of the Oratory of the Crucifix. In the shrine is a head made from wax representing the saint. This relic has been donated to the Sanctuary by professor Lidia Gori, daughter of professor Giulio Gori who, in 1931 together with Professors Mazzi, Raimondi, Lunghetti and Londini carried out a examination of the relic of the Sacred Head, commissioned by the then chief magistrate Fabui Bargagli Petrucci. In the room next to the saint’s cell there are some other relics: the silk bag which contained the head of Catherine after Pope Urbano VI in 1381 gave the order to detach it from the body, the vial in which Catherine put aromas to alleviate the pain of the sick of Santa Maria della Scala and the walking stick used by the saint for support herself. Here in this small room, in a wardrobe, many votice offerings and books with the names of members of the l'Associazione Internazionale dei Caterinati are kept.


Costa Sant'Antonio, 4, 53100 Siena SI, Italia
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