Solennità del Corpus Domini in Camaiore

The Celebration of the Corpus Domini, particularly strong in Camaiore, is an event which underpins one of the most unique and interesting traditions in the Province of Lucca. It starts the evening before, when groups of volunteer citizens set out holed wooden frames and other paraphernalia in the central Via Vittorio Emanuele II and Via XX Settembre. In a few hours, all this will help to support the sawdust carpets, extraordinary works of art typified by the compositional virtuosity of decorative designers and realised by the common people. Work continues through the night on these carpets which, once finished, mark the path of a procession that starts in Piazza Diaz and goes through the entire historic centre. The tradition, which draws a significant number of tourists, visitors and the faithful, has grown in strength since the 1930s, although it was probably introduced by the Bourbons along the lines of similar Spanish customs.  


Date / period
Sunday of Corpus Domini
Via XX Settembre, 63, 55041 Camaiore LU, Italia
Camaiore (LU)
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Contact person
Don Silvio Righi
0584 989210
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