Madonna della Cintola in San Miniato - Photo ©Sailko
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Madonna della Cintola, San Miniato

In the city, devotion towards the Madonna della Cintola, more commonly known as 'the brave" has ancient origins. The Madonna della Cintola is an iconographic work that shows Mary’s delivery of the girdle to St. Thomas during the assumption into heaven. The Virgin, often depicted within an almond or amongst a glory of angels, extends her arm and lets the precious relic drop into the hands of the apostle. Amongst the most significant works are two altarpieces, preserved in the Diocesan Museum di San Miniato: one with the Madonna and Child enthroned between four saints (1452) and the other which depicts the Madonna giving the girdle to St. Thomas (1470-1475). In 2014, after undergoing a long period of careful restoration work, the Madonna della Cintola with the Saints Giovanni Battista, Tommaso and Bartolomeo was returned to the Cathedral of San Miniato.


Via Giosuè Carducci, 44, 56028 San Miniato PI, Italia
San Miniato (PI)
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