Abbazia San Salvatore in Fucecchio - Photo ©Mongolo1984
Infiorata del Corpus Domini

On Corpus Christi Sunday the streets of the historic centre of Fuceccio are covered with a breathtaking carpet of flowers. This is the tradition of the Infiorata, which in Italy seems to have begun in 1265 in the Vatican Basilica and was soon being imitated across the Catholic world for the decorative splendour that it lent to ecclesiastical festivals. In Fuceccio the custom of bestrewing the streets with flowers and bush branches, and making sacred images from them, dates back to the 1930s but it was only in 1990 that the Infiorata became a true tradition. The flower carpet starts from the Collegiate in Piazza V. Veneto and winds its way through the streets in the shape of a ring, passing through Via Donateschi, Piazza Montanelli, the delle Vedute church, Corso Matteotti, Via Checchi, Via Machiavelli, Piazza Piccolini, Borgo Valori and eventually arrives back at the Collegiate. The materials used include all varieties of seasonal flowers, like Scotch broom, carnations, poppies and roses, and other types of natural materials, like grape seeds, coffee, and sawdust. This floral tapestry, which lasts but a day, is fastidiously respected by the citizens until the beginning of the Procession: even then most of the participants keep to the edges, only allowing the small group that carries the image of the divine body of the Lord to tread upon it. Even those who do not take part directly in this brief flowery display can show their festive joy by opening their doors and windows along the route of the procession, enriching it with their own floral compositions. In the afternoon the historic centre is further enlivened by the Market of Strange Things ('Stranidea') and by the Sagra della Ciliegia (cherry festival) which takes place in the nearby Bombicci Garden.

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Corpus Christi Sunday
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Fucecchio (FI)
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