Chiesa dei Santi Niccolò e Lucia, Siena - Photo ©Sailko, CC BY 3.0
Festa e Fiera di Santa Lucia

During the festival of Santa Lucia, one of the most heartfelt celebrations for the Sienese, religious services take place in the saint's titular church, with the blessing of eyes and the offering of blessed bread. The 'fiera di Santa Lucia' happens simultaneously on the Pian dei Mantellini, where one can find terracotta 'campanine' decorated with the colours of the city's seventeen contrade (districts). Santa Lucia was martyred under Emperor Diocletian around the year 304. Following the miraculous recovery of her ill mother, Lucia, though betrothed to a pagan, decided to take a vow of chastity in way of thanks: she reneged on the marriage and gave her possessions to the poor. Her fiancé denounced her and she was arrested and subjected to horrendous tortures. Only after these hideous torments did she fall, her body broken, and die.


Date / period
13 December
Santa Lucia, 53100 Siena SI, Italia
Siena (SI)
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