Festa di Sant'Anna

The 26 July is the feast day of Sant'Anna, the patron saint of Vivo d'Orcia, and for some years this has been the first of various summer events organised by the Associazione Pro Loco. There are two religious parts of the day: in the morning, the celebration of High Mass in the village church, and in the evening a procession in honour of the patron saint, which passes through a good deal of the streets and piazzas to the sound of the notes of La Castigliana, a musical troupe from Castiglione d'Orcia. One curiosity is the current statue of Sant'Anna that the procession carries: small and made of wood, it has replaced the old plaster effigy which was sculpted as an ex-voto by Gino Bartali the day after his Tour de France victory in 1948. Thanks largely to the interest of Padre Giancarlo Leroy, it was donated by a Sienese family to the parish church of Vivo in the presence of that very cyclist. For the afternoon of the feast day, sports and popular entertainments are scheduled in Piazza della Fontana, which then plays host to an evening of music and dance. The 27 July, however, sees the festival of 'Sant'Annina', a reference to the little statue of Mary, which in a past effigy stood next to her mother, the village's patron saint. This festival takes place in the mid-afternoon in the Pian delle Mura area, with popular games and music.



Date / period
26-27 July
Via Sant' Anna, 2, 53023 Vivo D'orcia SI, Italia
Castiglione d'Orcia (SI)
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Pro Loco Vivo d'Orcia
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