Festa di San Frediano in Lucca

The celebrations in honour of San Frediano (which in Lucca take place on 18 November, the day his relics were rediscovered) begin with Vespers in the Basilica di Frediano on the evening of November 17, at the end of which the Archbishop blesses the city from the church porch. A cavalcade of vehicles then proceeds to the bridge on the river Serchio in the locality of Montescendi, in order to pay homage to the statue of the saint located there. This evocative event concludes with a blessing on the people, said from the middle of the reliquary of San Frediano. The next day the festival continues with eucharistic celebrations in the morning and a final service at 6pm, presided over by the Archbishop.

Source: Belli Barsali I., Guida di Lucca, Maria Pacini Fazzi Editore, Lucca, 1970.

Date / period
17-18 November
Via della Cavallerizza, 43, 55100 Lucca LU, Italia
Lucca (LU)
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Don Lucio Malanca
333 3375372
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