Festa di San Filippo Neri

'Be good, if you can': this famous phrase of San Filippo Neri distils the essence of its speaker and of his work for the young, which included founding the Congregation of the Oratory. Sharing the patronage of Piancastagnaio with the town's original patron Saint Bartholomew (feast day 24 August), he is held as the patron saint of the young, of joy and happiness, of conversation, work, hospitality, music and song. He was a lover of horses and of seeing people together, and a saint so beloved that not only was a confraternity in Piancastagnaio created in his name, but festivals, tournaments and horse races were dedicated to him. Born a Florentine, Filippo Romolo Neri moved to Rome at a young age. 'There is no time to sleep, for Heaven was not made for idlers' and 'Children be cheerful: don't be downcast and don't do harm' are two of his celebrated quotations. In light of the latter, it makes sense that Communions and Confirmations should be held on his feast day; indeed, the celebrations begin with First Communion and continue with three days of fasting in honour of the saint, whose festival concludes on 28 May after a week traditionally dedicated to the youngest children, as Neri's life was dedicated to them. The programme is packed with events both sacred and secular, and offers something for all the people of Piancastagnaio. It finishes, as is traditional, with the launching of a white-and-blue hot-air balloon from the Congregazione di San Filippo.


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28 May and the week leading up to it
Strada Provinciale del Monte Amiata, 20, 53025 Piancastagnaio SI, Italia
Piancastagnaio (SI)
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