Festa della Madonna dei Miracoli in Valpromaro

This represents the community's oldest festival, being mentioned in parish documents as early as the end of the sixteenth century. The Festa della Madonnina, as it is known to the inhabitants, was until a few years ago celebrated on the second Monday after Easter in accordance with an extremely old custom, still evident in various Tuscan villages, of dedicating this day to the memory of Mary. The programme unfolds in a series of religious services, moments of reflection, Vespers and processions over the course of Saturday, Sunday and Monday, which for years have also been the days on which an international training course for the Ospitaleri Volontari has taken place. 

Source: Bertacchi G., Le Seimiglia, in Lucchesia Antica e Pittoresca, Maria Pacini Fazzi, Lucca, 1980 AAVV, Valpromaro un secolo di devozione, a cura del Comitato paesano, Tipografia Massarosa Offset, Massarosa, 2002.

Date / period
First Sunday and second Monday after Easter
SP1, 9, 55054 Valpromaro LU, Italia
Camaiore (LU)
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Comitato Paesano di Valpromaro
0584 956028
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