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Elba: a trail for the visually-impaired

On opportunity for everyone to enjoy the incredible beauty of the archipelago

First leg
On Monte Perone
Marina di Campo in Elba island
Marina di Campo in Elba island - Credit: Fleig photography

CAI trail n. 122, known as the “Sentiero del Filo d’Oro,” on Elba winds across the southern slope of Monte Perone, reachable from both Marciana and Marina di Campo via the Strada Provinciale del Monte Perone (SP 37). At the crossing between the two slopes, there is a large pine grove with two dirt parking lots where you can leave the car and continue on foot.

The guided trail runs for almost a kilometer, close to the mountain ridge and designed for hikers with limited mobility or impaired vision, but it is also an educational and panoramic trail that can be enjoyed by everyone.

Second leg
View of Elba
View of Marciana Marina
View of Marciana Marina

The trail, equipped with a handrail, winds through the forest in a circle, offering views of the entire southern coast of Elba Island and passing by a small panoramic amphitheater, where explanatory panels and benches have been installed for hikers to take a break. Along the way, there are some panels that describe the characteristics of the surrounding environment and the type of vegetation present in the area. At the panoramic point, there is also a bas-relief model of the landscape for hikers to understand what lies before them.

The trail is wide and unfolds through the thin, artificial pine forest and dense Mediterranean scrub, making this an enchanting place for both the tranquility that it offers and the rich animal and plant life that lives here.


Source: caielba.it

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