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Castagneto Carducci: a journey through a beautiful countryside

An itinerary through wine and hills, in the typical Tuscan landscape

First leg
Castagneto Carducci
Castle in Castagneto Carducci
Castle in Castagneto Carducci - Credit: Castello di Castagneto Carducci

We start the journey in Castagneto Carducci, a popular destinations with Italian and foreign tourists. Here, we’re just a few steps from the sea but, at the same time, surrounded by a rich and vibrant vegetation. So it’s not surprising that the territory was a source of inspiration for the poet Carducci.

The famous Viale dei Cipressi connects Castagneto Carducci to Bolgheri, another Maremman pearl. But the territory offers other glimpses and unmissable activities. To appreciate the life and works of the Master Carducci, you can visit the museum dedicated to him – photographs, books and poems - at the Town Hall.

Another good reason to visit the area is the Wine Route, which winds along the Bolgherese and connects the main wine and oil producers.

Second leg
Vineyards and views of Bolgheri
Vineyards and views of Bolgheri - Credit: Bolgheri DOC

We reach the Bolgheri provincial road connecting Castagneto to Bolgheri. In addition to the beauty of the countryside, it’s important to note the importance of these lands in the Italian wine scene. The Bolgheri DOC includes almost all of its vineyards scattered in the area we’re going to cross. The names of the companies we meet along the way are among the most famous internationally. The signs of the Strada del Vino Costa degli Etruschi remind us of this. We continue through the cellars and olive groves always keeping in mind the town of Bolgheri; the farms and the companies follow each other without interruption on either side of the road that goes straight ahead, meeting only two small bends.

Third leg
San Guido
San Guido
San Guido - Credit: Ste71

We conclude the itinerary in San Guido, to which an ode by Giosuè Carducci is dedicated. In addition to the "tall and blunt cypress trees", one can admire the Oratory of San Guido, built in the 18th century by the Della Gherardesca family.

The obelisk that rises near the oratory dates back to the early twentieth century and was built to commemorate Giosuè Carducci a year after his death.

Wine and Olive Oil Roads
In this area
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