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Biking the Nobile Path in Montepulciano

A bike course through the hillsides of the Valdichiana

First stop
Piazza Saint Agnese

The Nobile path starts in Piazza Saint Agnese in Montepulciano. This ancient church was first founded in 1306 by Montepulciano local Agnese Segni, but was later radically restructured at the end of the 17th century.

On the façade of the church, one can still see the preserved original gate from the 14th-century, while the decorations were added in the 20th century, including the church’s bell tower. This church retains many relics and artifacts from its patron saint, including his remains on display on the main altar.

Second stop
The Temple of Saint Biagio

Continuing on this trail, there is the Church of Saint Biagio, one of the greatest marvels not only in the Valdichiana Sienese, but in Italy as a whole. As a work by the great architect Antonio da San Gallo, this church is one of the most magnificent examples of the superb Tuscan architecture of the Renaissance.

Traveling onward from Saint Biagio practically demands that the visitor stop and admire this singular site before continuing on their journey.

San Biagio in Montepulciano
San Biagio in Montepulciano - Credit: Valdichiana Living
Third stop
Open countryside: Le Balze – the Church of the Madonna of the Oaks – Argiano – the Madonna of the Turkey Oak

The adventure continues as the path goes through vineyards and cultivated fields in the Montepulciano countryside, leading to the Nature Reserve at the Lake of Montepulciano. Venturing through this area, visitors will find le Balze, which are steep ravines composed of compact yellow sandstone rising up from the olive groves and vineyards of the surrounding terrain.

Moving on through the Montepulciano region towards the town of Acquaviva, the next stop is the Church of the Madonna of the Oaks, which was founded in 1690 after a miraculous event. Later, tourists will find themselves in Argiano, a small, cozy village with buildings scattered along the scenic Montepulciano hillside. 

After a brief respite in Argiano, the quaint charcoal building of the Madonna of the Turkey Oak is a lovely spot to visit and enjoy. This site hosts one of the most popular folk festivals in the Valdichiana Sienese.

Montepulciano countryside
Montepulciano countryside - Credit: Valdichiana Living
Fourth stop
Nature Reserve at the Lake of Montepulciano
Montepulciano Lake Nature Reserve
Montepulciano Lake Nature Reserve - Credit: Valdichiana Living

After an intense but pleasant bike ride through the territory of Montepulciano, riders will arrive at the final stop along the path, the Nature Reserve at the Lake of Montepulciano, the ideal place to rest and recharge. The Lake of Montepulciano is a serene locale that is truly like an ‘open-air museum’ for the beautiful nature of the area. 

At La Cassetta Visitor Center, guests can see and feel the authentic equipment used by the lake’s fishermen, and book guided hiking tours either on foot or on board a small solar-powered electric motorboat.

Guests can enjoy venturing through the rushes on a birdwatching trail or having a nice picnic in the park.

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