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Valentina Dainelli
Photo ©Alessio Rossi

An interview with Valentina Dainelli

A "100% Tuscan" freelance travel writer for Too Much Tuscany

How and when did you decide to explore Tuscany?

What did you find in Tuscany that you didn’t expected?

Suvereto laundry
Suvereto laundry - Credit: Valentina Dainelli

Which are the top 3 experiences to have in Tuscany?

Sammezzato Castle
Sammezzato Castle - Credit: Valentina Dainelli

What is the best way to explore Tuscany and why?

A Fiat 550 in Suvereto
A Fiat 550 in Suvereto - Credit: Valentina Dainelli

Tell us your personal top 5 Tuscan foods you can’t do without?

What are the 3 events not to be missed in Tuscany?

Lunigiana - Credit: Valentina Dainelli

Which is your favourite place in Tuscany for a romantic getaway?

Siena - Credit: Valentina Dainelli

Is there a Tuscan expression that makes you smile?

Via degli dei in Gabbiano, Mugello
Via degli dei in Gabbiano, Mugello - Credit: Valentina Dainelli

Can you tell us a figure, past or present, who represents Tuscany?

In one word… Tuscany is?

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